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Welcome to Mr. Bison’s website. I am aware that my particular form of humor and acerbic view of humanity in general will not endear me to the majority of the populace, but I’m prepared to accept that. Trying to appeal to the majority is how we ended up with wall-to-wall reality TV and the kind of music that makes normal, sane people want to rip the radio out of their car and shit on it. I have therefore eschewed targeting the lowest common denominator and have focused on like-minded, intelligent but rude people. In a world overrun with billions of inhabitants I simply hope there are enough of you out there.

As you will notice, I spend a lot of my time traveling, but not to the kind of places that make for interesting travelogues and brilliant word-pictures of distant lands. Unless distant means somewhere in Pittsburgh. My life might be like your life, and the idea is that you recognize the familiar frustrations and absurdities of everyday existence and laugh at them. Of course it may be that you’re utterly fed up with everyday existence and long for escapism, in which case you should probably leave now, before disappointment sets in. Console yourself that at least you’ll be in the majority.

I was born and grew up in England but managed to escape a long time ago to the United States, which should help explain my bipolar approach to cultural references and, occasionally, spelling. I work for a living, because you haven’t bought enough copies of my book yet, but one day I hope to have the option. I have been forced to try unemployment in the past and it has little to recommend it, other than the hours, but I’m guessing that money would ease the pain a bit. I’m not holding my breath though.

I offer the fact that I spend well in excess of the requisite forty hours a week working in the real world in mitigation for the lack of editorial fine-tuning, not having fresh content every four hours and not tweeting witty insights every five minutes (#nothingbettertodo). I had intended to emphasize the pursuit of quality over quantity, but in the end I decided it was easier simply to tell you that thing about me targeting a specific subset of intelligent people. That way if you don’t like my stuff it’s your fault, not mine.

That said, if you’re still here I hope you enjoy!

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