All I Want for Christmas…

Just to illustrate the point I made yesterday about gifts, here are some examples of the disparity that exists between desire and reality:

– Porsche Cayenne Turbo
– Rickenbacker bass guitar
– Selection of fine Scotch whiskys
– Authentic leather bomber jacket
– Full bar for basement drinking sessions

– Fake leather driving gloves
– CD
– Book about whisky
– Socks
– New tools to work on basement

Which is why at the end of the day gifts don’t add much to the festive occasion. Not when compared to the combination of friends, food and drink, and just the right amount of seen-it-before Christmas TV. It would still be better if I could get that bar done though…

One thought on “All I Want for Christmas…

  1. sharon martin

    Lol thats so true, nothing better than sharing it with the family, although opening the porcshe to find driving gloves and still smiling must be hard :-) Thanks for popping over to our weekly book blog hop this week xx


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