Not My Regular Breakfast

I get to spend a fair bit of my working life in hotels, or at least waking up in hotels, which means that I am no stranger to the experience of blearily taking the elevator down for breakfast. In some places you’re faced with an extraordinary selection of breakfast delights, fresh fruit juice, friendly service, eggs made to order and all the hot tea or coffee they can force down your neck. But recently my travels have been more, shall we say, routine in nature. Lots of Hampton Inns, and very basic breakfast buffets.

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3 thoughts on “Not My Regular Breakfast

  1. Jaggy

    They should put Jamie Lee’s boobs on the yoghurt packaging, guys will buy them to see Jamie’s boobs, and women will buy them to get boobs like Jamie. Although it’ll need to be her boobs from Trading Places, I shudder to think what (or more likely, where) those bad boys are like now. An image of the old woman from Something About Mary springs to mind, I haven’t seen her for a while.

  2. Anonymous

    Ahh shit that was hilarious, can’t say i’ve heard of “Activia” but i don’t think i’ll need it till i’m around the 80 years + mark, and frankly, the nurses will look after that aspect for me… and i’m talking future nurses. Complete with futuristic silver skin tight mini skirts


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