The Tate Gallery Beckons…

tate gallery beckons

You know you’ve got too much time on your hands when you end up doing this. I have a curved scar on one hand which Mrs Bison drew a face around, so that the scar became the mouth. She then offered me the opportunity to make something creative out of a burn that she has on one of her hands (the result of terminal clumsiness and the inability safely to withdraw a pie from the oven).

This is what I came up with. Unlike my spouse I’m no artist, but it’s not a bad effort by my usual standards. I like to call it “Vindaloo – The Morning After”.

3 thoughts on “The Tate Gallery Beckons…

  1. Mr Bison

    Would be a conversation starter at the Parents’ Evening too.

    On reflection, since few people here will ever have experienced a curry, maybe I should have titled it “You Never Forget Your First Night In Prison”…

  2. Jaggy

    A good effort, other titles could include… “How you can tell I’m a Catholic child?” and “I swear I fell on that carrot Doctor”

    Don’t tell me that the US is bereft of ring-stinging curry houses?

    Only just realised that first comment was me and this is from the archives. Doh.


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